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A modern real estate SaaS (Software as a Service) product that saves offices two hours each day.
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MyAgentBase is a modern real estate SaaS (Software as a Service) that saves offices & teams two hours each day.

I partnered with entrepreneur Dane Maxwell to rebuild & redesign an old business of his. Together we launched the MVP in under 60 days.

Over the next year we iterated on user feedback and improved the product significantly.

I designed and built the entire application by myself - both the front & back end. It's the biggest project that I've delivered to date, and I've learned more about myself and building software than I could have ever imagined. Check it out:


  • design
  • development
  • strategy


Vue, TailwindCSS, GraphQL, Node.js, PostgreSQL, Caddy Server
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Dylan is a freak of nature in his talents. I've hired dozens of developers. He has it all. Just give him the vision and he can do the rest. It's nuts!
Dane Maxwell
Entrepreneur & MyAgentBase Founder
Landing Page
MyAgentBase's landing page was designed to convert, inform, and delight. It has undergone multiple iterations that have evolved with the business's messaging and offer over time.
Links & Files Page
The links & files page keeps a real estate office's digital assets accessible and organized in one central location. Assets can be categorized, password protected, and pinned for easy dashboard access.
The Roster
The roster is an alphabetical list of agents and employees. Users can quickly find contact information and grant roster members permissions to manage the rest of their MyAgentBase content.
Frequently Asked Questions Mobile
I make sure to build experiences that work on any screen size or device. Pictured above is the FAQ page, where agents can quickly find answers to common questions on the fly. This feature alone saves offices at least an hour every day.
Settings on iPad
The biggest technical hurdle I faced was wiring up custom URLs and subdomains for each user. I built a solution that automatically writes a SSL certificate and validates each new domain request. This is managed in the app's settings, along with many other customizations and configurations.
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