Pricing Estimates

*These are rough estimates to give you a general idea of how much it costs to build a product with me.
Design & Development Rate: $150/hour
On-brand web experiences that deliver your message and convert visitors to customers.
Est. Time
1-4 weeks
Marketing Page
Web App
Anything beyond a blog, funnel, or store that has users and custom functionality.
Est. Time
1-6 months
Dylan as a Service
* A pay-as-you-go subscription to my services, one project at a time.
* Best Value
Est. Time
Starter · 40hrs
$5,100 / mo
Pro · 80hrs
$10,200 / mo
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Put simply I help companies plan, design, and launch websites.
My creative process is rooted in design foundations and informed by programming concepts & best practices.
+Web Design
+Product Design
+System Architecture
+Brand / Identity
I build fast, future-proof experiences with modern tooling & technology. I'm currently tinkering with Vue, GraphQL, PostgreSQL, p5.js, and GSAP.
+Front-End Dev
+Back-End Dev
+Analytics & SEO
Tailwind CSS
Strategy & Consulting
I solve complex problems with easy solutions that scale. I can be as hands-on or hands-off as needed to ensure your project is a success.
+Market Research
+MVP Sprints
+Design Systems
+UX Testing
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I love to design and build digital things. Drop me a line at any time to say hi or to nerd out over creating freedom with software.

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